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            The latest developments

            PN750 hot wire no burning, technology is mature. In order to improve product quality, meet the raw material of different customers and constantly upgrade requirements. The second stage rise 770 degrees, but because of differences in test equipment, test results will be on 5% of the gap, resulting in our raw materials in some test equipment of ignition. The third stage, we take the new technology and screw synthesis technology, now has risen to 810 degrees, to ensure that the products in 750 degrees when no burning hot wire. Now in response to market demand, has been put into mass production.

            In order to solve the metal products, brought to life in the life and production of the inconvenience. Our company is dedicated to the research and development of carbon fiber raw material, we have a major breakthrough, technology has been quite mature. Carbon fiber raw material mainly used in electromagnetic shielding system, is the best substitute of many metal products.