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            The product catalog
            Series Category Grade rules characteristics of the product Application field
            LFT series High impact type GFPP-L25 GFPP-L30 High impact Electric tool
            LFT series Detergent resistant type GFPP-L15 NC Good resistance to detergent Washing machine drum
            LFT series Environmental protection type GFPP-L20 HSBK GFPP-L30 HSBK GFPP-L40 HSBK Low volatility Auto IP skeleton, the inner door panel, a rear tail plate
            LFT series Heat resistant type GFPP-L20 HSBK GFPP-L30 HSBK GFPP-L40 HSBK GFPP-L50 HSBK Good resistance to thermal oxidative aging properties, high strength The front end of a vehicle frame, roof frame, engine underbody cover, engine cover