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          • Service guarantee

            Hansenmu people adhering to the "fast and efficient excellence" style of work, we not only provide high-quality, high performance, high aging products to customers, but also to win the trust of our customers with strong technical support and excellent pre-market after-sales service concept.

            From the day of its establishment, we have been committed to exploring the market management, adhere to the "innovation, leading the market, customer first" business philosophy. We based our customers demand the implementation of flexible production, the formation of customer demand oriented mode of operation and management, continue to grow in the increasingly fierce competition in the market, win the stable customer resources, and a number of enterprises in the same industry to establish a strategic partnership, thus forming a value chain of enterprise and customer win-win situation, at the same time we with the domestic and foreign famous enterprises and companies to establish a long-term relations of cooperation.

            Technical service the whole of Hansenm's understanding the basic needs of dynamic product and customer industry based on the basic material, can provide exclusive tailor-made for customers, and recommend the mature materials price advantage to customers. We take the customer product functional requirements for the design of the source, provide technical support for customers, such as color design and color etc.

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