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          • The course of development

            The company was founded in 1998, mainly selling high-end modified material, nylon, PC, PBT and so on. Agents also Sinopec ordinary materials.

            In 1998 in cooperation with Suchen, jointly developed the first domestic rapid crystallization of PET.

            2000 successfully developed the first domestic PET, and has made America yellow card, all products comply with ROHS requirements

            In 2005 and China textile science research institute cooperation, research and development of nano PET resin.

            In 2007 and the Hebei University of Technology cooperation, successfully developed the first domestic polypropylene nucleating agent.

            In 2008 second, the first Asian CPET successfully developed, and put into mass production.

            2008 in Guangdong takeover of a domestic modified plant

            2009 is beautiful, Gree development of alloy PN750, 850, of which PN-750, is the only one through 750 degrees hot wire no burning of new materials.

            In 2012, the first domestic production of 0.2mm thick PC halogen-free materials