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              1. Company introduction

                Shenzhen Hansenm new materials Co Ltd (Hansenm) was founded in 1998, new material industry are in a leading position in the engineering plastics industry. Company to "the development of new high performance materials, production" as the guide, to "strict system of sales and quality service" for the purpose, to provide high-quality, high aging, high performance for customers, professional special new materials; provide a more safe, comfortable, convenient, new materials solutions to our customers. To promote the development of the industry, and create a better life.

                Hansenm is headquartered in Shenzhen, Futian District, Dongguan, Hunan, also in Shanghai, Jiangsu and other domestic offices. Hansenm's all products with independent innovation development based, covering the modified plastics, special engineering plastics, fine chemical materials, carbon fiber composite materials and other products with independent intellectual property. Hansenm with its good quality and excellent performance are sold at home and abroad to dozens of countries and regions, provides the high quality service for the global hundreds of famous enterprises.

                Hansenm to "Protect environment, healthy life" as its mission, based on the new materials in the field of polymer based, we carefully to meet customer demand, continuously introduced to the market mature, complete sets of industrial production technology and products, to promote the development of engineering plastics industry, and a positive response from the global ecological environment change challenge, through the relationship between balanced economic, social environment, realize the sustainable development.