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          • The supply of Kunshan plastic towline quality, Jiangyin engineering plastic towline price media attention
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            Dark horse Xinyi brand plastic towline is generally applied in the cable, machine tool mechanical tubing, trachea, pipe, exhaust pipe, traction and protection function.

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            Uses and characteristics of plastic towline

            Suitable for use in the reciprocating motion of the occasion, to the built-in cable, tubing, pipe, pipe to traction and protection, each joint of the chain can be opened, which is convenient for installation and repair. Movement of low noise, wear resistance, high speed movement. Drag chain has been widely used in CNC machine tools, electronic equipment, stone machinery, glass machinery, doors and windows machine, injection molding machine, the mechanical hand, lifting transportation equipment, automated warehouse etc..

            The structure of plastic towline

            Drag chain shape of the tank chain, composed of many unit link, link between rotating freely. The same series of chain high, high, high pitch is same, towline, bending radius R can have a different choice. Unit link by the left and the right chain plate and the upper and lower cover plate, each joint of the chain can be open, convenient assembly and disassembly, without threading, open the cover to the cable, tubing, the trachea into the towline in.

            The basic parameter of plastic towline

            Material: reinforced nylon, high pressure and tensile load, good toughness, high elasticity, abrasion resistance, flame retardancy. High low temperature stable performance, can be used in outdoor. Tolerance: oil resistant, salt and acid, alkali resistant ability to a certain degree.

            The running speed and acceleration: the maximum speed of up to 5m/s, the maximum acceleration of up to 5m/s - (specific speed, acceleration as the running circumstances.) Service life: under normal circumstances the overhead use, up to 5000000 times (reciprocating motion of the operating conditions and the specific life).

            The selection principle of plastic towline

            In the built-in cable, tubing high: selection, trachea, water pipes, the most thick as a reference height, the height of at least 10% plus space as the inner high Hi. if overlap by overlap height as the actual height. Inside width: choose thicker cables, water pipes, tubing, the trachea, and its diameter and as the inner width of reference, and have at least 10% of the width of the space.

            Bending radius: the bending radius of the largest selection of the built-in cable, tubing, pipe, pipe as reference value, and have more than 10% space, place the built-in cable, tubing, the principle of towline, trachea pipe. Should have 15% of the remaining space, let the built-in cable, tubing can move freely, in the radius direction does not generate tension on the chain. A big difference between the wire diameter should be laid separately, the weight average distribution, when necessary, available separator to separate. In the operation of high speed or high frequency, we should try to keep the wires separated from each other on the level, don't make overlapping, recommend the use of separate sheet when more cables, pipe, tubing and other.

            The installation of plastic towline

            The use of a flat head screwdriver appropriate, open hole, vertically into the cover plate at both ends of the cover plate is opened, the cable, tubing placed principle we provide according to put towline, then cover, in addition, wire fixed end and a movable end shall be fixed to the tension device. In the long distance sliding when in use, recommend the use of the guide groove.