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          • The development prospect of the engineering plastics industry optimistic
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            Engineering plastics are mainly used in electronic information, the building of national defense, aerospace, machinery manufacturing and other fields. In recent years, the emergence of new trends in the development of engineering plastics industry, automobile, electronic and electrical change is an important application field of Engineering plastics. By car and supporting the recovery in demand for electrical and electronic products, in 2015 the global engineering plastics demand will reach 20000000 tons. Although our country because of the impact of the financial crisis and the domestic and international market demand downturn, but due to the rapid development in the field of transportation, domestic engineering plastics growth rate is still fast.

            The future trend of engineering plastics is mainly reflected in the following aspects: 1, automotive materials for energy saving and environmental protection have become increasingly demanding, domestic auto parts processing level continues to improve, the future of engineering plastics as participants in the automotive industry to play a more important role; 2, with China's exports of electrical products is increasing, made of engineering plastics consumption rising, due to the market pressure, the import of foreign products will make the product costs continue to rise, the material requirements of localization is more and more obvious; 3, the market competition is more intense, because of the great demand value in China market, many Multi-National Corporation are investing in China, the engineering plastics industry at home are facing more and more the international competition.

            Champoux consulting chemical industry analysts think, the domestic engineering plastics businesses also exist some shortcomings, high-end products less, in the low-end products, and competitive. Domestic enterprises should focus on product innovation, industry well standards, not only to firm in the domestic market, but also "go" to the foreign market development work, realize the leaping development of high-end products in the market.

            According to the Champoux consulting release "2009-2012 year Chinese engineering plastics market depth investigation report" shows, 2010, development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of industry jointly announced the "petrochemical industry revitalization planning guidance", will be classified into the category of engineering plastics and new materials, is one of the seven strategic emerging industrial countries will focus on development, national attention to the engineering plastics industry in the "Twelfth Five Year Plan", will lead to faster development of engineering plastics industry.