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          2. Attractive market prospects for the development of domestic engineering plastics industry ""
            来源: admin   发布时间: 2015-01-26   390 次浏览   大小:  16px  14px  12px

            Recently, the momentum of development of engineering plastics industry at home is quite delightful, data display, last year the domestic engineering plastics consumption reached 2710000 tons, grow 10.93% than 2010. Industry optimistic about the expected, the next 4 to 5 years, the amount of demand for engineering plastics or are likely to continue to maintain more than 10% growth rate.

            Admittedly, this optimism is not without basis in fact. All the signs indicate that, engineering plastics industry at home are the development opportunities in the There was no parallel in history. On the one hand, with the rapid development of the domestic auto industry, engineering plastics consumption demand will further enlarge. In fact, compared with 42% of the global engineering plastics for the automotive industry, engineering plastics in China accounted for only about 10%, the future development of space is very broad.

            On the other hand, with the development of engineering plastics clearly classified into the field of new materials, the domestic engineering plastics will usher in the great leap forward development, its strategic position will improve. Especially in emerging industries such as solar and electric vehicles, engineering plastics will be used more widely. From this point of view, the prospects for the development of engineering plastics is bright.

            In this regard, industry analysts pointed out that, vigorously develop the engineering plastics is the current plastic enterprises and wise choice. From at present the entire domestic engineering plastics market, the domestic engineering plastics is still in the primary stage of development. Mainly embodied in: the industrialization degree generally is not very high, the industry structure and product structure has yet to be further improved. Especially the lack of R &amp; D and production of high-end engineering plastics has seriously restricted the industry to the development of the power of the.

            Therefore, the development potential of domestic engineering plastics is full of imagination, the market prospect is very attractive. Experts recommended, should speed up the establishment of engineering plastics industry in the domestic to domestic enterprises as engineering plastics industry leading a relatively complete, so as to improve the overall level of engineering plastics industry at home at all, the development of better meet market demand.